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In Memorabilia, a daughter mourns the loss of her father, a passionate collector of space memorabilia, as she falls under the sway of the 'flown' space objects in her inheritance.

Memorabilia was created during co-directors Ceridwen Dovey and Rowena Potts' tenure as Powerhouse Research Fellows in 2022. It draws on the museum's incredible collection of space ephemera to create an evocative hybrid documentary which blends fact and fiction to interrogate how and why flown space memorabilia comes to be collected and stored for posterity, and why these objects exert such a strong pull on the human imagination.

SKFF 2023_LAURELS2.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Mimesis Documentary Festival - 2023.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Down Under Berlin Film Festival - 2023 (1).png

St Kilda Film Festival    |   Melbourne  - Nominated for Best Documentary

June 1 - 12 2023

The Street Theatre    |    Canberra

August 3 2023

Mimesis Documentary Festival    |    Boulder, Colorado

August 15 - 20 2023

Down Under Film Festival    |    Berlin

October 11 - 14 2023

SXSW    |    Sydney

October 15 - 22 2023

Institute for Culture and Society Conference    |    Powerhouse Museum

October 25 - 27 2023

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