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As the life of the International Space Station (ISS) comes to an end, how will astronauts say their final goodbyes?

Requiem imagines the last remaining astronauts on the International Space Station bidding farewell to their vessel before it is deorbited and crashed into the remote Pacific Ocean. Based on an original collection of poems — voiced by actual astronauts around the world — this hybrid, speculative non-fiction film combines exquisite still photographs of theISS with dramatic archival footage that evokes its future watery grave. As the ISS's lifespan draws inexorably to a close, how will say goodbye to an outer space habitat that has been a home to astronauts for decades?

Featuring the generous participation of Cady Coleman (NASA), ClaudieHaigneré (ESA), Paolo Nespoli (ESA), Dumitru Dorin Prunariu (Romaniancosmonaut) and Soyeon Yi (South Korean astronaut).

2023 Rev laurel bonw.png

St Kilda Film Festival    |   Melbourne  - Nominated for Best Documentary

June 1 - 12 2023

The Street Theatre    |    Canberra

August 3 2023

Revelation Perth International Film Festival

July 20-23 2023

Experimental Film Festival    |    Guanajuato, Mexico

October 19 – 21 2023


Pariscience    |    Paris

October 26 - 30 2023

Institute for Culture and Society Conference    |    Powerhouse Museum

October 25 - 27 2023

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